Skin Polish

Facial Massage activates blood circulation and keeps the skin healthy. Facial Massage is of 5 steps.

Cleansing -- Deep cleansing is a process of cleaning all the make-up, dust or any unwanted stuff from face.

Scrubbing—exfoliating the skin with natural and all herbal scrub cleans the dead skin. It also loosens the black and white heads.

Steaming—Steam opens the pores then the impurities are taken out with vacuum. Now your skin is clean and clear to go for a massage suitable to you.

Massage –The different strokes in facial massage are for relaxing, soothing, improves blood circulation, and eases tension.

Mask—the final step is facial is mask, which closes the pores back and cleans the extra cream or oil on the face.

Different facials we offer

Herbal facial ( for dry skin)

Fruit facial (for oily skin)

Zafrani facial (for combination skin)

Skin whitening facial clears dead skin, tan and gives extra glow. It also lightens the skin.

ayurvedic facials treats the pimples and acne also clears the scars.

24k gold facial (for special occasions and long lasting glow).

Sandal wood facial for very sensitive skin.

Chemical and glycolic peels exfoliates the dead cells. Removes the epidermal dead cells and the new epidermis forms, which is fresh  and flawless.

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